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Name Vit Gadlina
Tel +420 608 90 40 66
Enquiry Dear Gentlemen / dear DUBAI Engineering Companies, Please, let me briefly introduce the EQIS inspection company to you. EQIS s.r.o. is Czech company. EQIS company name means Expediting and Quality Inspection Services. We would like to offer our capacity in branch of the quality inspection services as well as for the expediting activities. We may offer experienced and qualified inspectors, professionals providing serious and competent services. We believe we may enhance and/or support Enginering Companies operations and potential. For contacting us, please find the contact details below. Thank you for your attention and time. With the best regards, ING. VIT GADLINA Managing Director / Lead Inspector ____________________________________________ EQIS s.r.o., Expediting & Quality Inspection Services Jiriho z Podebrad 2680 738 01 Frydek-Mistek Czech Republic tel: +420 608 90 40 66 email:

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