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Name neda bakhtian
Tel 00989134015851
Subject inquiry resin
Enquiry Dear Sir, Good morning, I hope that everything is mend of you, Im Neda Bakhtian from Falat Sang Asia , our company is the first and sole producer of engineered stones in slab sizes in the Middle East and Central Asia under the trade name of Totem Quartz using the Italian Breton Stone technology, At the moment, our company decided to use one of your product ( polyester resin) in our company, Would you please possible for you inform us whether you are able to provide us with such as specification polyester Resin in the attachment? For any inquiry our suggestion you may have please feel free and contact us with following numbers: Tel:0098 312 564 3336-7 Fax:0098 312 5643338 Mobile:0098 912 401 5851 Regards, Neda Bakhtian

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