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Name Jasbir Singh
Tel +919825318147
Subject Need offer
Enquiry a. Fitter tool hammers b. Three pound angle c. Hammer d. Dial Gauge e. Cutter f. Master Level g. Hand Gloves h. Chain pulley block – 2, 3, 5, 10, MT i. Spirit Level – 12 “ size j. Welding machine – 600 ampz k. Grinding machine - Angle Grinder 4, 6 Flexible Grinder (FF2) l. Magnetic Drilling Machine m. HILTI Drilling machine n. Torque tightening machine o. All type of Spanner (open spanner, hammering, ring spanner, box) set 13 /14 mm to 70/75 mm normal p. Safety Belts q. Safety Net r. Web Slings ( 2 MT to 20 MT) s. Right Angle t. Hacksaw frame & blades (low / high speed) u. Cutting player v. Side cutter w. Nose player x. Wire stripper y. Continuity tester z. Tongue tester aa. Line Dori bb. Letter & Number punch cc. Tube Bender dd. Pipe Bending machine – ½ to 2” ee. Bench vice up to 2” ff. Pipe vice up to 2” gg. Thread cutting machine up to 2” hh. Pressure gauge ii. Regulators for oxygen, DA, cutting hose, cutting torch, welding cable, flash back arrestors jj. Tube cutter with cutting wheels kk. Cable ties ll. Cable marker (route) mm. Ferrule – Letter & number (for cable tag) nn. Measuring tape (3, 5 & 30 mtr.) oo. Adjustable spanner (slide wrench) – 6, 8, 12” pp. Pipe – 2”, chain wrench – 6” qq. Chain puller 1.5 to 3 MT rr. Safety goggles ss. Ear plugs tt. Screw Drive (star, flat & connected type) uu. Hydraulic jacks 20, 30, 50 & 100 MT vv. Cable jack ww. Hydraulic pump xx. Torque wrinch – 100 Nmtr. yy. Allenkey set (inches & mm) zz. Cylinder key We need quotation for the following items. Regards,

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