Manufacturer of Sodium Silicate

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Name Naitik Shah
Tel 0529141595
Subject Manufacturer of Sodium Silicate
Enquiry PTAL International FZC is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Silicate, the “versatile, eco-friendly chemical”, having a variety of applications in diverse fields. PTAL International FZC is a part of a large conglomerate, the “ M S Jain group”, a renowned chemical specialist based in India. The group that began as a small – scale operation, today expands to reach industries through out India and markets around the world. The power of sheer performance in manufacture and service, earned the required goodwill for the group that has completed more than 25 years of service. This success has prompted the group to expand into the Middle East through PTAL FZC. The automated, state-of-the-art plants in the Umm-Al-Quwain Free Zone, U.A.E., set up in 2004 already supplies Sodium Silicate as well as many other chemicals to industries in all seven countries in the U.A.E., and also exports products to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and many other Gulf Countries.

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