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Tel 97142221970
Subject inquiry 15821-5
Enquiry Dear, We should be obliged if you would send us your quotation in FOB price for the following item/s: 5-SET OF RESISTOR FOR VOLTAGE DIVIDER UR=480(R1=5600 OHM+R2=1500 OHM 13X70=FIXED) ONE SET CONSIST OF2PC S=1PCS(1K5 5% 79D)+1PCS(5K6 5% 797) QTY:2 TYPE:1K5 5% V9D+5K6 5% 797 MAN:TELEMECANIQUE Please note that your quotation should indicate: 1- The technical specification of the requested item/s. 2- Delivery time of the goods. 3- Approximate weights and the dimensions of the requested item/s. We hope to receive a competitive quotation from you. BEST REGARDS

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