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Name Hesham Helmy
Tel mobile: +(2) 0106 - 1970321
Subject Training course proposal
Enquiry Dear sir, My name is Hesham Helmy ,I am a senior Geophysicist (General manager) in a major oil company in Egypt (Cairo) ,I am looking forward to teach the attached oil & gas exploration training course ,also i attached my cv. Ps. I taught this course to more than one international companies (locally & abroad). Best Regards, Hesham Helmy mobile: +(2) 0106 - 1970321 Technical Workshop on Seismic Oil & Gas Exploration and Technologies Instructor of the workshop Geophysicist Hesham Helmy Ahmed A five-days training course ________________________________________ Course Description The overall objective is to introduce Exploration Geologists ,Geophysicists and reservoir engineers to the key concepts and principles that form the technical basis for the different geophysical techniques and geologic structures ,and value added seismic applications in exploration, field appraisal, and reservoir management. Learning these objectives are at basic awareness and knowledge levels. Emphasis is on the synergistic team work , seismic rock properties ,Explain the basic principles of seismic wave propagation ,principles of the seismic system ,Understand principles of marine and land seismic acquisition ,Identify and understand the basic steps required to process and interpret seismic data ,and Understand the principles and role of special seismic techniques such as inversion ,attributes ,and AVO. The course design allows ready adaptation to shorter or longer versions and direct linkage to advanced treatment of specific topics. ________________________________________ Audience Geologists ,Geophysicists and Reservoir Engineers. ________________________________________ Workshop Outline DAY 1 - Introduction - Synergistic team work For most of us, teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether it's at home, in the community, or at work, we are often expected to be a functional part of a performing team. in present day companies teamwork is a must for the co-ordination of departments, in oil industry there are various departments ,there must be coordination between them . one of these teams is the exploration team ,the course explains who are the team members, how they interact, and what sort of data each one is using according to his specialty, in order to by the end gets the integrated work to explore for oil and gas. - Different geophysical techniques and geologic structures: including overview for other geophysical techniques, including theory, acquisition, corrections, and maps interpretations. - Seismic Wave Propagation Principles: including wave theory, different types of seismic waves ,and there physical properties and applications - Rock Physics Basics: physical properties of the rocks ,and their relations with seismic waves - Introduction to seismic acquisition and processing. - Introduction to seismic technology. DAY 2 - Seismic acquisition & processing - Acquisition Principles and Implementation Effect of acquisition on interpretation, spatial sampling and aliasing, noise types. - How to attenuate noise in the field. - Land & marine sources & recording instruments. -2D & 3D acquisition. -Advanced ways of multi -azimuth acquisition , (MAZ ,WAZ ,RAZ ,FAZ) Types of surveys ,which have wide applications ,and advanced technologies. - Seismic Data Processing: Data processing flows Demultiplex, sorting, gain, phase, deconvolution, velocity filtering, multiple attenuation TVF filter, display, time migration, and data enhancement. DAY 3 - Seismic Technologies Including: - AVO (amplitude versus offset), inversion and AVB (amplitude versus bandwidth), theory and applications. - Shear wave and fracture detection. - Seismic rock properties including vp, vs , density and Poisson's ratio and their relations with gas saturation. - Pressure detection using seismic, and relation between various rock properties and pressure. - Borehole seismic - Standard VSP, Deviated well VSP, offset VSP ,walkaway vsp Why VSP? 1) To provide a direct relationship between surface seismic data and well information. This relationship may help remove ambiguities in the interpretation and non-uniqueness in the inverse process. 2) Expected to give additional and complementary seismic values to be used in data processing (e.g., interval velocity, zero-phase reflectivity). 3) To make “deterministic” deconvolution 4) Used for direct measurement how lithology affects the seismic wave field near the well or similarly how the seismic response can be related to the lithology. 5) Cross - well Tomography (principle ,and applications). DAYS 4, 5 - Practical interpretation project (exercise) Basics of seismic interpretation (2D, 3D) - Workshop on seismic interpretation project (interpret lines, mapping horizons and faults), General discussions, technical problems solving and consulting. ________________________________________ Instructor Geophysicist H.H. Ahmed, General Manger GUPCO has been graduated as Geologist from Ein-Shams University, Egypt in1979. He has more than 31 years experience as geophysicist in oil & gas industry. 20 years in seismic interpretation onshore and offshore Gulf of Suez, Western Desert and Nile Delta (.well recommendations and post appraisals). 7 years in seismic technology. Has developed a technology for pressure detection using seismic data. Worked with Amoco research teams in Houston (TX.) and Tulsa (OKL.) in joint technology projects. 4 years in seismic data acquisition and processing. Mr . H.H. Ahmed attended several training courses during his professional career: -Seismic interpretation (MERLIN) / -Technical report writing (AMERICAN UNI.) / -Seismic field techniques (GEOTRAN-ENGLAND) / -Effective seismic data processing (GEOTRAN-ENGLAND) / -Principles of petroleum geology and subsurface mapping (IHRDC) / -Gravity & magnetics (IHRDC) / -Reservoir eng. for Geoscientists (IHRDC) / -Seismic stratigraphy (IHRDC) / -Classic petrology (IHRDC) Software usage: -Land Mark Packages (Seisworks, Zmap, Ssam and Syntool)

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