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Name Joe Haddad
Email jhaddad@winthrop.ie
Tel +971502946109
Subject Quotation
Enquiry Supply and install galvanized steel sheet metal duct delivered, stored in good conditions with standard accessories such as dampers,flexible connections, splitter, inspection doors complete with support, hangers,rods, anchors nuts, blots,riveting and sealers, sleeves, rubber pads for sound isolations, tags, charts, labels, colour code finishing, flow indicators,testing,balancing and commissioning. Galvanized steel sheet metal duct. Black steel sheet metal duct. Flexible Duct ะค 250mm. Duct Insulation: Supply and install, insulation for duct work according to the specification and as shown on drawings. Complete with internal sound lining where needed on drawings, closing tape, vapor barriers, adhesives, cladding, surface protection, insulation, fasteners and coating, tags, flow indicators, labels, color code stickers, testing and commissioning. Fiber glass insulation density of 24kg/m 3 (m2). Rock Wall insulation density of 24kg/m 3 (m2).

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