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Name bissan abdala
Email bisso_a85@hotmail.com
Tel 00584146530861
Subject looking for a job in dubai
Enquiry Venezuela, 2013 Dear Sirs, I am interested in applying for an opening position at your reputable company. My most recent experience was working as an Administrative assistant & Business Management as well as Spanish Teacher. My Job entailed the following responsibilities such as supervising the operations, the Staff, Software & hardware (Information Technology), Management, Financial administration, monitoring The Network service standards by ultimately providing daily progress reports that assist and facilitate management’s monitoring and decision-making process. As a member of your organization, I would try to contribute in any way possible to help attain your needs and vision your aiming at serving your overall prospective development targets. Furthermore, I am a hard worker, energetic, and punctual team player possessing excellent motivational skills, and accept a demanding atmosphere as a challenge. The enclosed resume will help give you a brief outline of my track record so as to assist you in assessing my qualifications as a prospective recruit. Thanking you in advance for your consideration, I would be eager to supply you with any additional information or references that might be required. Looking forward to hear from you. Sincerely, Bissan Abdelaziz Abdala

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