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Date Name Subject Enquiry Details
20 Apr 2012 siva kumar job vacancy dear sir, i am sivakumar mechanical engineer if you have any job vacancy please inform me sir, best regards, sivakumar Details
06 Feb 2012 Rajesh Mehta Used/Marine Diesel Engines, Hydraulic Motors & Generators for Sale Dear Sir, Good day! We supply new, overhauled and used main engines complete & spares, Diesel/Steam/Gas Generators & Spares, marine parts, and all kind of marine items worldwide. Please... Details
17 Jul 2012 Asif Karjikar Require SP Flt Top barge deck loading Dear sir, good day, We are looking for a self propelled flat top deck loading barge of capacity 3000 to 4000 DWT with restricted loaded draft of 3.5 Mtrs,with side wall and ramp. on outright... Details
03 Apr 2012 neda bakhtian inquiry resin Dear Sir, Good morning, I hope that everything is mend of you, Im Neda Bakhtian from Falat Sang Asia , our company is the first and sole producer of engineered stones in slab sizes in the... Details
02 May 2012 BINDUJI K.R Enquiry Dear Sir, Good Morning. You are kindly requested to forward your best quote, validity,country of origin, delivery time and freight charges for the below mentioned item: 1. Plastic... Details
02 May 2011 abdus salam water traetment plants Dear Sir, How are you? I am Abdus Salam- Chairman of K.T. Textile Mills, Bangladesh. I am looking for water treatment plants (Effluent Treatment Plants) for my own Textile-dyeing &... Details
03 May 2011 Babar Khan Tender for Isolating Valves Dear Sir, If you are interested in tender for Isolating Valves, please contact us immediately. Best Regards Babar Khan Chief Executive Details
01 Sep 2012 jeanette sallao jeanette supply of anti slip tapes, installation & supervision of the application of tapes in sulafa tower, dubai marina Dear Sir, Kindly please quote us with your best price with regards to the below details :- The tower consists of 80 floors , each floor has 2 levels, each levels contains 11 stairs and there... Details
04 Aug 2012 Javed Iqbal Request for Quotation Dear Sir, kindly quote your best competitive prices & availability for the following items. • SHEET CARRUGATED GI 1 MTR X 6 MTR = 50 Nos ... Details
04 Sep 2012 Karthik Venkat Request for quotation -VERY URGENT Dear sir, Kindly quote your best price for below mentioned category.This is very urgent for us, Please reply as soon as possible. Material:Mild / carbon steel 1.Plate - 6 mm thick -0.5... Details
21 Apr 2011 Joe Thattil Enquiry for ESD VAlves Dear Sir, Kinldy let us know to whom we have to contact for emergency shut down valves enquiry. Regards, Joe Thattil Details
07 Oct 2012 Hesham Helmy Training course proposal Dear sir, My name is Hesham Helmy ,I am a senior Geophysicist (General manager) in a major oil company in Egypt (Cairo) ,I am looking forward to teach the attached oil & gas exploration... Details
16 Oct 2012 Sunil John Inquiry for 02.Nos used side booms/pipelayers Dear Sir, Our company has been in the construction field for several years. For the ongoing jobs at our various sites, I'm looking for 02.Nos of used Side booms/pipe layers. (Komatsu or... Details
26 Oct 2012 JUNALYN ORDINARIO VR6 PART # 309-1019 (2 UNITS) Dear Sir, Please advice your best quotation, availability and immediate delivery below details & photo for MV SELAT SUCCESS. UNIT DESCRIPTION : VR6 SERIAL NO. ... Details
02 Jul 2011 babak Fouladi enquery Dear Sir, Please find bellow items and send kindly qutation as soon as posible. Describtion Thickness amount Size 1) ... Details
10 Jun 2011 charudatta mhaiskar Diagnostic Equipment Dear Sir, Please forward me prices/quotations for Portable Sonography Machine, Digital X - Ray Machine, ECG Machine and all Pathology Laboratory Equipment available in Dubai. Thanks &... Details
09 Feb 2012 Najeeb Pulikkal Explosion proof ventilation fan Dear sir, Please give the distributor details for explosion proof 300mm ventilation Details
27 Jun 2011 NOR DIANA MHD RADZI Enquiry for Stork Pompen Spare Parts Dear Sir, Please provide Stork Pompen's email address for the person in-charge in the spare parts so that i can send the attachment containing full description for the requested item. Looking... Details
14 Sep 2011 Ahmed Raza inquiry Dear Sir, Please quote us with stock availability for the description mention below: 1. Oil Flowment Type: Roots Type, Bore: 20mm, Use: Gas Oil, Max. Working Pressure: 10 Kgf/cm2, Flange... Details
25 Jul 2012 Jad Ayde Job Application Dear Sir, Thank you for giving me minutes from your valuable time . I am looking for a job in Consulting/Sales/Oil and gas field .It would be appreciated if you can check my CV , I hold a... Details
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